Amazon S3

Mounting buckets

We have the s3fs-fuse driver installed on our standalone servers, which you can use to mount Amazon S3 buckets so you can read/write from them. First you’ll need to create a password file to store your access credentials in:

nano .passwd-s3fs
chmod 600 .passwd-s3fs

The password file should just have your IAM credentials on a single line separated by a colon:


If you don’t have an IAM user set up for your S3 bucket, you can do so in the Amazon ‘My Security Credentials’ Dashboard.

Next create a directory for the mountpoint and mount the bucket

mkdir s3
s3fs  my_bucket_name /mnt/lfs2/username/s3 -o passwd_file=~/.passwd-s3fs

Now you should be able to see your files in the mount:

ls s3

When you’re done working with files in the bucket, unmount it with the fusermount command

fusermount -u s3