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There is an excellent guide for basic linux commands here

Sharing files with Access Control Lists

If you would like a particular user to access some of your files, you can grant access using Linux ACLs. For example, to allow the user ‘myfriend’ to access+write+execute files in the directory ‘toshare’, the commands would be:

setfacl -Rdm u:myfriend:rwx toshare
setfacl -Rm u:myfriend:rwx toshare

Note that the enclosing directories need to have the execute bit set, example:

chmod o+x /mnt/ceph/myusername

If you and ‘myfriend’ are in the same primary group (check with the id myfriend command ), you may need to set the execute bit for the group too:

chmod g+x /mnt/ceph/myusername

To remove a users access the command would be

setfacl -x u:myfriend toshare

Or to remove all added ACLs (besides the default)

setfacl --remove-all toshare